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The Oscar Wilde Appreciation Society (hereafter known as TOWAS) is the brainchild of aranel_x, mintycake, and rainbowcobweb (that is, of course, in alphabetical order). One extremely sunny, extremely hot day in June of 2006, there was much squeeage over a book aranel_x had bought - 'The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde'. Aranel mused that we should start a society about (one of) our favourite writer(s). Minty then said "OMG, yeah...The Oscar Wilde Appreciation Society!" RC then hyperventilated with joy, and one of our uber-Christian friends decided the whole gayness of the room was too much for her, and left. But that isn't really important, it was just bloody funny.

Anyway, we'd been reading snatches of the book all day, RC cried rather a bit (because she's like that), Aranel nodded sagely like a herb and Minty just went "awww!" And so TOWAS began. We're currently undergoing the process of obtaining badges from Minty's badge it machine, RC created our LJ and Aranel is in possession of our bible, because she finds the best books at the cheapest prices. Seriously, this one was from TX Maxx. It's a wonder the chavs hadn't desecrated it before she bought it. Not that they'd know who Oscar Wilde was, as was proved by one of our bimbo friends at lunch...you should have seen our faces.

We want books and badges and t-shirts and pens and mugs. We are very, very sad. And slightly, slightly gay. Alright, we're very, very gay, but straight, if you get our meaning. Enter if you dare...we want to write a fanfiction.


The ~TOWAS~ gang xxx

More about the original Towasians...
Here are small bios about us that we have written ourselves. For more of our general grooviness, please feel free to visit our personal ljs. We love it when people friend us. :)

Aranel (aranel_x)

I can’t really describe myself with names and labels as I don’t think I fall into many stereotypes. I’m much my own person and now I’m often very happy. I’m tall for my age but I don’t think I’ll grow much taller to be honest. Reading is one of my main hobbies and I can’t go into a book shop without buying one; it just wouldn’t be normal. I also write quite a lot, mostly poems, but also quite a few stories and fan fictions. My interest in literature ranges, but is mainly from the past, as it’s so much better written, slashy, romantic or heart-breaking. I’m not an emo anymore though, which is a good thing. I still have a dark side though, which consists of an interest in vampires, witches and the supernatural. I like films, theatre and live performances. My choice of music varies from rock to folk to pop to emo to sixties to jazz to metal to classical. I’m an eccentric, and I’m very proud of it.

Mint (mintycake)
I am very very bad at writing bios, as you can see from my LJ ( I had to ask RC to do it). I like writing in third person, the sound of popping the seal on a new jar of coffee, the sound of rain on my umberella, the smell of mowed grass, comments on my LJ/MySpace, hugs when the time is right, she smell of old books and the crunch of a gravel path. I love my Daniel but lets not talk about him. I can see the expression on Aranel and RC's face right now. Especially RC. It looks like :/ Stop pulling it. Stop I say! Ok thats better :D I am, as everyone knows, very very gay and manly and Dan is the ultimate coverup, but he is very very womanly so maybe thats why we go together like peanut butter and chocolate spread.
I am pretty much a loud person around friends but I don't really open up much to people I don;t know. It takes a while to get to know me because im never sure if people will like the pull-your-pants-over-your-head-insult-you-dance-on-your-work-and-generally-piss-you-off real me. But ahwellwhatyougonnado.
I get pissed off by really silly little things but really silly little things make me love a person so its all good.
I also need to learn when to shut up :D

RC (rainbowcobweb)
RC is happy-go-lucky, optimistic, clumsy, forgetful, geeky, dorky, nerdy, and generally sad. But that's just a very rough outline of my general characteristics. I have a strange and fanatical obsession with stationery, which, along with books, has managed to cripple my purse since a very early age. I love colour, and rainbows have been a lifelong facsination to me. It's very rare if I'm not actually wearing a rainbow something, but it's usually a necklace which masquerades as a bracelet. For this reason, I am often thought of as very, very gay. Contrary to popular belief, I'm straight, although my orange and blue glasses and general physique do nothing to help the stereotypical image of a lesbian. I'm extremely short.
I'm very spiritual and believe in pretty much everything, but specifically angels. I think organised religion is crap and The Bible (not OUR Bible, THE Bible) is a pack of lies, but that's just my opinion. The Pope is crap, the Archbishop of Canterbury is crap, Vicars are crap, but I like Jesus. Jesus is one of my homeboys. Fantasy and otherworldly beings such as faeries, angels, dryads, monsters, nymphs and generally all mythical creatures have enraptured (ooh, get me) me since an early age. I'm a huge fan of legend, particularly Celtic and Arthurian. I'm proud of my Welsh roots, oddly enough.
It's indie rock and roll for me, by the by. I also need to learn when to shut up. Really, I do.

Oh, tis us...

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