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Hi everybody [Dec. 29th, 2007|09:42 pm]
The Oscar Wilde Appreciation Society


Hi, I just wanted to de-lurk and tell you how much I adore this community - and, of course Oscar Wilde. Actually, I've subconsciously been a fan of his writings all my life. My absolute all-time favorite story as a kid was "The Selfish Giant" and I can still remember exactly what I imagined the garden would look like - even though I was only three years old when my mom first read it to me. Later I became obsessed with "The Canterville Ghost" without ever realizing who wrote it.

My major obsession with Wilde started when I was at about 13; that's when I first read "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Even though I only understood about half of the words (my native language is German) this book left such a lasting impression on me that I can divide my life into BD and AD (before and after Dorian lol).

So I guess I can now consider myself delurked ;) Sorry, this turned out much longer than I planned.